• Companies that study their employees are more successful.

    Watershed LRS is a Learning Record Store that lets you understand what your employees learn and do.

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  • Do you know the ROI of your training program?

    Watershed LRS lets you measure what employees learn and how they perform.

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  • Do you learn everything you know from an LMS?

    …neither do your employees.

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What is an LRS?

A Learning Record Store collects people’s experiences from many different sources and presents them in a meaningful way. Watershed is a hosted LRS.

How do we work together?

We design studies that let you discover things about your company and people that weren’t possible before.


Now You Can Define and Assess Learning Paths

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How AT&T Is Using Watershed LRS to Enhance Compliance Training

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watershed-lrs1 Organizations are using Watershed LRS to learn things about their organizations that weren’t possible until now.

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